PPT is non-profit group focused on improving public transport in South Australia, with a focus on the Adelaide Metropolitan Area. Public transport is not just a means of efficient movement of people but also a key part in the improvement of urban design and in the quality of life of all citizens.

PPT participates in Government consultations on issues of public transport, road safety, strategic planning and development of urban areas, and sustainable living.

If you require timetable or route information contact the Adelaide Metro InfoLine at 1300 311 108 or go to their website at Adelaide Metro

Annual General Meeting & Forum 2021

2 p.m. Saturday 30 October
The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide
Seminar Room


Brian McCready
Research Fellow at the Southgate Institute, Flinders University

John Devney
Senior Principal Transport Planner. Stantec

For more information on the event, PPT Membership Form, etc. - Click on the document link >> PPT-AGM-October2021.docx

Public Transport News


As you no doubt know, the SA Government abandoned the proposed cuts and changes to the bus network.

While some routes might have been improved by the changes, they would have left many people with reduced services and/or long walks to the bus stop.

People for Public Transport thanks all members and other people who took part in the consultation by consulting PPT and/or the Department of Transport, writing letters to the Editor or Members of Parliament, or taking part in protests organised by various groups and organisations.

This shows the power of public opinion.

PPT continues to seeks improvements in public transport.

Station Surveys 2016

In 2016 in collaboration with The Messenger Press PPT undertook a survey of the railway stations in the Outer Harbour line, plus a selected number of other stations. This is an updated snapshot of similar surveys we have done in the past.

For more information; including a summary of our findings and reports for individual stations
go to our Station Surveys page.

Lord Mayors Light Rail Summit April 2016

The summit showed how suburban light rail projects may be financed, what improvements in urban life might arise, and some of the practicalities involved in doing so. It covered how councils and the State Government could use rates and other revenue to finance both the new tram projects themselves and then go on to pay for other amenities.

Speakers Included; Bridget Smyth - City of Sydney, Alton Twine - City of Gold Coast, Darrin Grimsey - Ernst & Young, Joe Langley - AECOM Consultants. Also there were Lord Mayor Martin Haese & Stephen Mullighan MP (Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Minister for Housing and Urban Development)

Notes and youtube videos of the proceedings are available. read more here

Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) Closure of station access at Millswood and Mile End

The Australian Rail Track Corporation has shown that it considers passengers of rail transport to be an inconvenience to its operations of freight services. Its disdain of the needs of residents, and the taxpayers who support the corporation, has become evident at both the Mile End and Millswood Railway Stations. read more here

The Costs of Commuting: An Analysis of Potential Commuter Savings, January 2015

A new report from the Australasian Railway Association

"This report estimates the potential savings that Australian and New Zealand commuters can achieve if they decide to use public transport rather than a private vehicle to commute to work. These estimates are based on the potential savings commuters can achieve in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Canberra as well as Auckland and Wellington. "

Some background information to this report available at http://www.ecosmagazine.com/?paper=EC14331

A direct link to the 44 page document here and a link to the Australasian Railway Association itself.

2014-2015 South Australian State Budget - Extracts from the Transport Related Documentation

From the Agency Statement, Vol 3. some targets for 2014-15 (page 96):

All the papers in their entirety can be found at this Treasury website link: www.statebudget.sa.gov.au/papers.html

30 Year State Tranport Plan - Integrated Transport and Land Use

This is our submission to the South Australian State Government regarding the plan.
Comment by PPT on 30 Year Transport Plan.pdf

Protected Intersection

An interesting new idea for improving safety for bike riders at city intersections. The video below explains it well.
More information at: www.protectedintersection.com/

30 Year State Tranport Plan

A $36 billion, 30 year plan has been announced by the South Australain Government.

This is part of their Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan. For urban commuters the main points of interest are; an expanded tram network, the continuation and extension of rail electrification, improved cycling facilities as well as changes in bus routes and facilities. There are also sections on regional needs and on roads throughout the state. The maps at the end are worth a look at.

Get the document at;

The NSW government seems to have embraced trams as a public transport solution.

More information on the overall masterplan at: http://haveyoursay.nsw.gov.au/transportmasterplan

On light rail in Sydney at: http://haveyoursay.nsw.gov.au/document/show/601
Document Name - Sydney's Light Rail Future: Expanding Public Transport, revitalising our city. December 2012

Adelaide City Council Integrated Movement Strategy

Adelaide City Council: "Moving Adelaide Integrated Movement Strategy 2012-2022"   Full Version of Report

Original source and further Information -- Adelaide City Council: Draft - Integrated Movement Strategy

Some Official SA links

Minister for Transport Services - Press Releases Archive

Infrastructure SA (Dept. of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure)

Adelaide Metro's Official YouTube Channel - currently featuring short videos on how to use the new Metrocards

Network Principles in Public Transport

Two articles arguing the "Network Effect" in planning public tranport.

Organization before Electronics before Concrete, Short and readable, sourced from Publictransit.us

The Principles of Public Transport Network Planning: A review of the emerging literature with select examples, Academic paper from Griffith University.

Transport Visions for 2031:

These documents outline some of the strategic thinking that is going into improving public transport in the city of Perth and in the South East Queensland region. Consider them in comparison to the issues we face in Adelaide.

“Connecting SEQ 2031”   (pdf,  2.4 Mb) -- More information and original source at: www.connectingseq.qld.gov.au/

"Public Transport for Perth in 2031"  (pdf,  8 Mb) -- More information and original source at: www.transport.wa.gov.au/23281.asp